My Story

I have the amazing opportunity to sell Scentsy!  I have been selling for the past 5 yrs and I Love my Business.  I work hard to thrive and grow my business. I have earned 2 Incentive Trips now (Hawaii and Bahamas).  I am working really hard to earn my next Incentive Trip.  My Wickless Shiners are the absolute Best Team Ever!  You can Join My Team today and start earning your Free Incentive Trips as well! My team is Wickless Shiners.  I have been so blessed with a great group of people to work with.  Each of us have total different lives and families and yet Scentsy seems to work for all of us.  Lisa  was telling me today how she loved doing business with Scentsy folks.  She said we were not like any other companies she had done business with.  Wanted to know why we enjoyed selling Scentsy.  I told her it was Fun to sell and it Sold itself.  She stated how she had noticed how all Scentsy Consultants Love their job, and how fun and crazy we were!  I laughed and said yea that pretty much sums us up!  We do enjoy our jobs and we all love getting together and sharing our stories or just hanging out! Scentsy has been the best thing I have ever sold!  It literally sells itself!!!  A friend of mine Dianna Bryant, who is my Sponsor, asked if I would like to make some money.  I had doubts in the beginning but So Thankful I signed up.  Scentsy has such a dfferent product and is fairly new and people either love it or don't know about it yet.  My sister is the only person I know who has a sensitive nose and even she has found her scent.  I love Scentsy!  It has opened so many doors for me.   My first year was a little slow.  I had a part time job and selling with another direct sales company and wasn't concentrating on one thing.  Over the summer I let both go and wow what a difference.  I found several community events to set up a table and sell Scentsy. Being out in public opened even more doors for me. I have a GREAT Team and Continue to grow. Having your own Scentsational Team and enjoying what you do makes life a whole lot better.  I thank God for all my blessings!  And want to say thanks to my Husband and my Son for their support!   Scentsy ROCKS!!!